by Geoff Clemence   Mar 2, 2010

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I know this because yesterday is older than today so therefore is no longer the first. Each day renders the previous obsolete in being a part of the future? Each day can only ever be a piece of the past. The future never actually exists in reality, only through hopes, wishes and expectations. To have expectations is a selfish and unrealistic perception of controlling the future to befit you regardless. If the situation becomes and passes in such that you are satisfied then you choose to feel a particular sense of hormonal stimulation. If not then another sense will stimulate your hormones. The choice of your reaction is the only thing which is truly yours to control. Everything else has variables which are not yours to control. You have no real ability to change or alter energy without actions. Your actions will govern the energy which you absorb which therefore dictates what can be released. Given that all movement and thought processes require an amount of energy expulsion, the willingness and effort to absorb energy is crucial. A refusal do so is treachery to yourself and potentially fatal. Alas the idea of doing nothing is as damaging and ruthless and is starving to all facets of your own existence. Balance is the key. If we learn to absorb, use and expel the ideal measure of energy we will surely make wise our lives. Our thoughts can ponder over an exciting past and live to wards an always discounted future. The only sure thing which we know of is a past. The future is but a view of expectations and assumptions. Never assume anything. It will often lead to disappointment. The past we can create but the future remains one step too far at all times. I'll meet you here.



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