by Esther   Mar 23, 2010

I planted a seed of destruction;
Watered it with lies and deceit.
the purpose barely forgotten
I secretly watched it suceed.


With our Sick Twisted minds,
Come our sick twisted games.

Would you like to watch one?
You don't know it could be fun.
Would you like to watch us play?
You never know how it could make your day.

The ultimate self-less act, we could commit.

At the end, your Satisfaction, is what drives us, into these never ending games.

&& These games may last a life-time,
Once started you cannot stop.
[Slowly infiltrating.]
You let go, yet we're still haunting your thoughts,
your actions,
your deeds.
We planted the seeds, those irrevesible (little) seeds.

Contagious, we spread. We only stop when we're dead.
So kill us & have fun in your deeds,
kill us, but remember you can't stop the seeds.


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