My Perfect Angel!

by Cale   Apr 2, 2010

My whole life had fallen apart.
I felt like I had been thrown to the ground.
Trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
Waiting everyday for you to come around.

Waiting for you felt like years.
But now I know that it was worth the wait.
You changed my life and stopped the tears.
The feeling I now feel I know has to be fate.

I know that this is a gift from God.
Only an angel could be as amazing as you.
I must have finally done something right.
Because my dream has finally come true.

You knew that I was nowhere near perfect.
But you didn't care and took me under your wing.
You changed my life and made me feel alive.
Just thinking about you makes my heart sing!

I never knew that anyone could be so amazing!
Every time I think of you it takes my breath away.
Your everything I could want and more.
And I keep falling for you more every single day.

Every time I think of you I cant help but smile.
People around must think I am going insane
I really hope that what we have last a while.
I'm glad this feeling I have, you feel the same.

I cant wait for the day that you become my girlfriend.
Then I will be able to make you all mine.
Then I will know that this feeling I have will never end.
We will have something that will last for the end of time.


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  • 7 years ago

    by mira

    Hi there very good poem i rrrrrrrrrrelly love it