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the best thing about life is faith and the best thing about it is love and the best thing about love is loyalty

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  • I still smell it
    I still feel it...

  • You

    It happened in this exsistance
    To rub out all the distance...

  • Don't (1)

    I always ask myself why!!!
    Why i keep doing always the same thing...

  • I write because I think you are reading
    And I was bleeding because I think you feel...

  • Sometimes we don't have to talk
    We don't have to explain...

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  • Finding you againe is juste like finding a lost part of my heart

    10 years ago
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  • To not have expectation is to not have pain in life

    10 years ago
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  • I told you that i wont let you go and i wont leave you but when when i saw that being around hurt you more i choosed to go ( deep inside i wish if u comeback but you wont)

    10 years ago
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