I wish I was DEAD

by xxDaniellexx   Apr 7, 2010

Drifted away
with nothing to say
no-one to stop me
in any way
screaming for help
but nothing comes out
my emotions in fear
emotions of doubt
reaching for a hand
a second chance
someone help me
before its too late
still no one comes
this is my fate
tears to the floor
blood galore
smudged on my face
from wiping the tears
the tears of disgrace
gasping from pain
from all the years
that put me down
searching for comfort
but nothing was found
i look to the left
i look to the right
alone in this world
alone on this night
what a waste
of all those dreams
all the wishes
and all those tears
that got me no where
but where i am now
a life of bitterness
a life so sour
not a care in the world
i have in my head
my only wish now is that
"i wish i was dead"


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