To see you through my eyes...

by kerry   Apr 21, 2010

To see you through my eyes
would you know why i smile!
Your the light that saves my day,
What makes life worth while.

If hurt through your pain
when you fall or graze your knee.
Its i always want protect you,
watch you grow and be free!

It's the slightest things in life ,
that make me proud and say.
your part of what i created ,
part of me everyday.

As you will grow older,
and time has aged with me!,
The bond we have will not just fade
it will remain ours patiently.

For now the time stands still,
I can enjoy forever young.
A child I see with my own eyes
full of charm and woe and fun!!

If you saw you through my eyes
you would understand its true
how every time you smile,
it makes me feel less blue.

For son you know i need you
and forever will be glad,
No matter how many days apart
Ill always be your dad....


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