If Animals Could Sue

by Blueleo   May 31, 2010

If animals speak out and demand to be heard
Asking nature to be the judge of what occurred
What could one say in the human defense
When the evidence being brought is so immense

One could claim that it was just for survival
But then why would they destroy upon arrival
Did humans need to destroy all else to live
Did they think of a right to life as exclusive

Cutting all the trees for useless construction
Filling the air with their poisonous pollution
If that's not enough, they went after the water
Whatever survived they went after to slaughter

They can hide behind individuality
Delay the inevitable, still are guilty
What punishment is possibly sufficient
When treating life as personal amusement

A guilty conscience will speak in the darkness
What will it say when it is forced to break silence
Will a soul reach out and aim to touch any hope
Or will it keep on denying, hoping to cope


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by tainted melody

    Well i have to agree that what human kind has done to this beautiful planet it dreadful, but i never thought to write about it and put it in this way...nice write ^_^

  • 8 years ago

    by Dreamofolwin

    A BRILLIANT write... ! So thought provoking... . Animals are indeed mistreated and the world they live in.

    Thankyou for penning this .. and bringing it to our attention :)

    Well written and expressed... Top Marks!