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Born in another reality and learning to understand the strange comforting surrounding of confusing times in a world that rarely cares about people who fail to realize a beauty hidden in the most obvious of places. Looking to advance my internal abilities to describe the external complexities of trapped souls searching for answers for all the wrong questions in all the right places. Aiming to free all the emotions that have long been forgotten in a heart that has gone rotten due to a dark world that traps the bravest of free souls in order to bring about a change for the better to a society that has become so centered on self perceptions that it has forgotten the pleasures of a plain old simple life full of hard work.

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Latest Poems By Blueleo

  • If animals speak out and demand to be heard
    Asking nature to be the judge of what occurred...

  • Falling down to the center of nowhere
    Clasping on to whatever comes my way...

  • Life tricked all before
    Teaching us to hold tight...

  • The pen is a magical tool indeed in life
    Its strokes more dangerous then a knife...

  • Hearts gleam in your presence my dear
    Your warmth can shadow all of my fear...

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