Lost and confused

by Love Bug   Jul 27, 2010

Tonight a piece of me dies on the inside. Tears that shed can’t shake the feeling and can’t mend the broken heart. Because what everybody sees is a beautiful me to abuse and break. Sorry im not custom made. there are no changes, just things I bring that you can’t handle. Maturity is a goal, for some who truly know me. Lies may come, but the truth always takes over.Im not an alien, im maybe just a little weird. Sorry im not the person you wanted me to be. Im not perfect, and I have feelings 2. My life isn’t always what you expect. So when you see me, don’t expect me to be like them other girls. Because I not. Im me, not anybody else. And love damn sure don’t come easy to me. I find the right one but it doesn’t want me. Do I displease? Do I try
to hard or don't try enough? Or is it really me? Maybe it is the one I chose. Did I come too late? Did I come before I was supposed too? But does it matter because either way, im not wanted. Im tossing and turning, while they sleep easy. They are having a dream of a lifetime’s fantasy. Miss me forever, Kiss mi never, -death is here...


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