Don't walk away

by Andii   Aug 2, 2010

Where'd our love decide to go?
Did It Slip Through The open door?
Where you left me on my own,
Cause I'm just not good enough.

Should I look for something more,
Passed out on a bathroom floor?
I just want to disappear,
I'm wanna try end it all.

...end it all.

What will I do without you here?
I'm trying to cry but I can't shed a tear,
Baby please don't walk away,
my heart feel sore I can't bare to pray.

I'm ashamed,
I wanna hide away from the pain,
I'm ashamed,
I just wanna stand up and Try for this gain.

I guess I'm no use to you anymore,
I see it's why you cut your loss and you ran,
I wanna fit nicely in your life,
It seems like I'm just a waste in space.

...Nothing but a waste in space.

Where is the strength that I once had,
Pulling this weight and It's hurting my back,
Where is my fight, my fire, my storm?
The power I had before I was torn.

Baby Please don't walk away


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