Days that came without you.

by nmdoza   Aug 2, 2010

Those days that came without you,
Made my pale, silk skin blue.
I waited out in the desperate cold,
As my breaking fingers began to fold.
I laid down beneath the bushes,
While the branches whipped out lashes.
The grabbing thorns clung to my despair,
Leaving my body naked and bare.
I searched for the sun to keep me warm,
But I kept getting caught in the storm.
My deranged head began to pulse,
Forsaken hit me with crude convulse.
I fell to the floor with faithful lust,
Aware that I would soon turn to dust.
You deserted me in this desolate sphere.
To preserve myself I chose not to persevere.
But I’m followed by your ghostly phantom.
Echoes of chuckling conceit clogged my eardrum.
Liberating rescue stabbed me with his sword.
Delicate independence has been ignored.
So I became a statue with eager patience.
Regardless of your absent presence,
I wait for lying words to be true,
Only to live the days that came without you.



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  • 8 years ago

    by Bradley Peter

    I like the full circle. The connection of the first line to the last. That was a nice touch. I was intrigued by the first two lines, and for a while, it was good, but I personally, felt that after a while, the poem was just there to rhyme words, and not say something, or tell a story. I must admit, I did admire your use of vocab, as well as some your rhymes.