by I always end up killing myself in the end   Aug 4, 2010

People say it is better this way
what do they know
what the other way...was

They know inside they want it better
They know outside it isn't
They know words spoken make hearts broken
They know what they saw
They know what I spoke...

The good times
and the bad...

They'll never know the feeling
They'll never feel the same loss
They'll never see the same smiles
They'll never know those words
They'll never know how they were said
They'll never feel what they meant...

To me
I love you
I love you too...

Try those words out
See how they make you feel
when you finally begin to know
Wake up and see if it is real...

It was for me
but I was too late

You will realize I meant every word
You will realize I broke no promises
You will realize I told no lies
You will realize what it meant...

To hold
to kiss...

The lips of someone who loved
the hands of someone who cared
the hug of someone who bothered
the meaningful smile of a friend...

Feel better
Hold on tight...

One moment I feel complete
I thought nothing could change
I felt as if the stars were shining for me...

I open my eyes
nothing works that way...

I know every moment is full of worry
I worry that something is wrong
I think I will mess up
I fear of losing it all...

Every moment
every second...

The other will spend their time just like you
we will reassure each other time and time again
Promise what we say is true...

will come between
us two...

It was said over and over
it was promised all the same
it was wished every night...

it was all dreams...

The wish was for forever
the promise was forever
the stars will shine forever
the time will pass forever...

But words
do not last forever...

Words only last as long as you make them
They will last as long as you worry
They will last as long as you are insecure
They will last as long as you remember...

That may seem long
but forever is yet to come...

I will sit and wait
I will remember your words
I will stay true
I will do no harm...

To what we had
no one can replace...

Nothing will fill the void
Nothing can brighten my day
Nothing can wake me up
Nothing can fill my heart...

Or my life
like you did

You could pass a day like a dream
You could wake me up and feel it
You could make me dream
All thoughts of you from daylight on
You were the only thing...

That brought me life
that made me see
there is purpose to matter...

It mattered every time I saw you
I found purpose to every moment we spent
it mattered each time I held your hand
there was purpose to every day...

When we were us
when I love you
Was only for me...

What changed to make me less
why couldn't I mean the same
Where did that special feeling go
how could things change so much...

I worry everyday
you stopped caring...

I don't think it is fair
I shouldn't suffer
I don't need to realize...

What I meant
what you meant...

At first it all scared me
slowly I knew it was true...

I love you
I thought
you loved me too...


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