Am I alwaz wrong

by MS Multani   Aug 9, 2010

Am I alwaz wrong
to think
dis lyf is precious
follow ur dreams
all u need is to b strong
am I alwaz wrong
to follow shout of my soul
where God resides
to b on road
dat myt b long
am I alwaz wrong
to live dis lyf
on my condition
of all daffynition
I choose to fyt
rather dan sit n moun
am I alwaz wrong
whtever we do
d whole deal is a smile
no matter for lyf
or a while
wy am I expected
to follow obligation
n rules
face frustration
lyk damn mules
jst carryin load
being braindead lifelong
am I alwaz wrong
wy cant I choose
my words
to have my say
wy cant I make my decision
n follow my way
it can b hard
it myt b wrong
bt who gives a shit
coz its my own
dats where I belong
am I alwaz wrong
no ones to blame
no ones to point
if Im broken
ill b fixin dat joint
people find it easy
to look for flaws
scratchin a hurt soul
wid bare sharp claws
I choose to b in a war
dat myt prolong
am I alwaz wrong


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