I hurt anyways..

by A piece of my broken heart is embedded in you forever   Sep 3, 2010

I hurt anyways..

An it's after over two years that we have met,
Exchanged our smiles, embraced, shook hands,
But those thorns that you had sown, still hurt like hell,
All those memories of you have struck back,
And I'm hurting again, silently, burning again smokelessly,
My eyes cry tearlessly,

You had moved on, that's If you ever loved mein the first place,
But all these years I have devoted to you, loving you selflessly, and hurting sielently,
I;m still hurting deep inside, to have met you again, it hurts so much knowing you had someone else in your arms, whilst I was embracing your thoughts, your absence, your cruel memories,
I'm still broken an I know you can't fix me, you are too blind, to see through my fake smile,
It is true it is you who has broken me beyond repair,
Torn apart my heart, and butchered my soul,
and my heart is not willing to heal, although it has been close to 2 years, I still hurt silently,

You will never know what you have done to me, never.... ( to be continued)


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