Rip ; I miss you <3

by brokenhearted teenage girl   Oct 7, 2010

It wasn't very long ago that you have passed away. Cancer took your life and sent you off to heaven, I guess heaven needed you more than I did here on earth. I miss you very much so. I wish I could of said more before you went. My last words were " goodbye pappy I love you. " but it doesn't feel like I said enough. I should of visited you much much more and told you how much I loved you before you had to go. But now your gone and I'm just sitting here praying your up there alright. I send my love & hugs & kisses .
I'll be seeing you up there one day pappy, & until then you'll be in my prayers & dreams.

RIP Wilfred Deforgeres . <3
-- xo , Katie .


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  • Awe, I'm sorry to hear. It is very hard, well it was, but he's in a better pleace now, and I'll see him one day, so I'm thinking postieve until then.

    Thank you ! :)

  • This is such a nice sentimental piece.
    It's great that you remain hopeful about seeing him again instead of merely mourning his death. It is truly depressing to lose someone you love. I can totally relate with the loss of a Cancer patient.. but jus stay positive (as you seem to be), and remember that they are now no longer in pain.
    Well done, hun. (: