by ntv650   Oct 7, 2010

I am from vinyards
Of red, white and pink.
From blue hedgehogs
That run across screens.
I am the pond that lies
Beside the dying evergreens.

I'm from the flutes and the violins,
From diurnal to nocturnal ways.
I'm from the stagnant mud,
And a baptism by rain.
I'm from a farthest south,
That became north again.

I am time on a stopwatch
And scars that will forever stay.
I am from a family of recusants,
And by existentialism swayed.
I am from Eudaimonia's road
But on wayward paths have strayed.

I am from so much I almost forget
That I fear forgetting me.
From how the earth breathes,
To art that sets minds free.
From a past I wish to keep
And a future I cannot see.
But a pond I will forever be,-
That lies beside the evergreens.


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