Inside i broke.

by GorqeousDisaster   Dec 1, 2010

Deep inside i broke.

The tears just felt so right.

I didn't want an are you OK?

I refused to hear an are you alright?

I just needed to escape, my tears just needed

to fall, i had to get this out, its hard not to feel small.

I needed to cry it out, and bleed it down the drain.

Find a small bit of hope while bleeding out a vein.

I no longer care that your here to see the breaking point

inside of me, how i was so helpless and how i had fall.

Back to the start no help at all.

This is hard to admit, i needed you as bad as i did.

I didn't want to love you, even tho its hard to admit.

I wanted a reason to hate you, but you gave me none.

I feel so right in your arms, Its there i want to run.

I wish that i could explain to you, why I'm giving up.

Other than I'm tired, Ive just had enough.

Theres something deep inside of me, That Just gave up hope.

I want to fall in to the ocean, my luck i would float.

These cuts are just tallies, to mark what Ive been threw.

Until i finally get the chance, to finally cut threw.

To sink this pretty razor blade, into magic blue

Veins that run red. To finally say forget it, I'm done

Enough said. I dint want to look back,

I no longer even care, Theres no point to

Move on, When your future ensures no ones there.

And all the things that made sense to me,

Aren't adding up, I guess the strong girl,

Turned out not to be so tough. But what shes been trying to

Say, was there isn't much time,

I just wanted to hold you,

One last little time, I didn't mean to lie to you,

It wasn't quite fair, When you asked me on your life,

I just couldn't swore, Deep inside of me,

I only swore on my own, Hopefully theres a place

for me, to call my eternal home.

I didn't want you to see me cry,

Even though these tears were for you.

I'm sorry for the things i had to put you threw.

And all of my mistakes, only keep adding up.

I didnt have much time, I wish i could have

Said, your were mine.

And as i started thinking, Six feet isn't so deep.

Pushing daises, Right beneath your feet.

So much has went unsaid, and things ill never

get to see, but just know i wanted to free.


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