Something i cant have.

by GorqeousDisaster   Dec 1, 2010

I love something i cant have,

I want it so, i want it bad.

I miss the feeling when i called

you mine, Can we just try? one more time?

I know you don't love me, as much as

i love you, i cant force you to do something.

You don't want to do. I understand you care,

Or love me as a friend, i know you will be

there, until the very end. But not as what

i want you to be, you alone, just for me.

I know your hearts some where Else,

But i fell and i cant get up.

Trying to keep strong and pretend is getting tough.

I guess its my fault, i was always right,

hide your heart, keep on to it tight.

Don't let it go, for it will get broke.

I remember the words you so easily spoke.

I tried to run, i tried not to cry.

It felt as if a part of me died.

I didn't expect to fall so fast,

I thought i could run, the feeling shouldn't have last.

I Reached for your hand, but you pulled it back.

I felt so denied, i couldn't re act.

You stayed in my life, so i continued to fall.

I didn't think you wouldn't catch me at all.

You held me in your arms, but I'm not your girl,

I want to scream, its so unfair.

I loved you so much..i hope you love me to.

I cant ask again, i dint want to hear the truth.

A strong possibility, those words hurt me so.

So ill let the question go, unknown.

I cant keep hoping, my dreams never come true.

Especially those involving me and you.

I hope you realize ill be there to the end,

Even if its just as a friend.

Even though it hurts, ill fight the tears back,

Ill try my best to ignore the feelings that

fight back. I tried my hardest to deny

my love, it hurt so bad, above my

head it hung. As i fall asleep at night,

your image plays threw my head,

Like a ghost of the past, My feelings

i wish were dead. I cant help i went head over

heals, i didn't know that was love, I never felt the way

it feels. Unlike now, you have shown me,

What its like to be, in love with someone.

But you don't love me. But as a friend..

Its saddens me so, I promised my self

I'd never let you go. My words are just words,

they cant touch the true feeling,

I feel like Ive been dealt a bad hand,

And I'm the one dealing.

But just so you know, Ill love you so much,

I'm willing to wait, for the day to come,

When you can look at me and shes the one.

But i wont hold my breath, oh no i cant.

I'll wilt away with the sad fact.

But even though you say your mine.

It cant be that way, I guess us was at the wrong time.

So here ill wait, with you on my mind.

Second chances only come once in a life time.



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