This feeling.

by GorqeousDisaster   Dec 1, 2010

This feeling is like being traped behind a glass,

And no one can break threw.

Its like a constant pain, but theres nothing you can do.

Its a gash you cant sew up, nor bandage or heal.

Its something on the inside, only i can feel.

Its like trying to scream but your calls fall on deaf ears.

Its like having to run head on in to your worst fears.

Its like falling over board, and you know you cant swim.

Its walking out with no balance beam, hoping on a whim.

Its like holding on to something, thats just a bought to break.

Its like being forced to keep on, when theres not much more

you can take. Like holding on to something thats not yours

to keep, Trying to hold back tears, when you only want to weep.

Suffocating in a room full of air, Having someone pretend

that they care. Longing for something you will never find.

Watching the world move on, when your left behind.


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