Almost at the bottom.

by GorqeousDisaster   Dec 1, 2010

Almost at the bottom,

my little rope untwined,

It happened all to fast,

I nearly lost my mind.

Hanging on by threads,

and trying to stay strong,

I don't think i have much more,

Until my thresholds gone.

This solid foundation i built upon

My breaking ground.

Silently was cracking, it demolished

with out a sound.

Crumbling right beneath me,

My empire of lies,

Following this self inflicted sorrowful filled goodbyes.

Tears ran so much it drown me in decay,

I don't have the strength to say what i have to say.

The simple little things that used to make me smile

I realized were just temporary for awhile.

The precious little heart beats we made

beat oh so fast, and always like a good thing, to bad they never

last. Oh please little hour glass, just pause for a time,

Can you reverse, go back in time?

I'd like to relive some moments from long ago,

To remember what it was like, before i found out

what i know.

the dirty little secrets i just had to find,

Now i captured them, they never leave my mind.

Can i turn nieve, and forget what you meant,

Can i just have a second, to breath

at your expense?

And of all the ones who have tried,

I guess you'll never see,

That there is some truth to this, " maybe we shall be"

And as I'm holding my breath, like i always will,

You can only fill me up with your liesso much

before i finally spill.

So lets fall in to the ashes of the bridges we have burned,

Do we have anything to show from the lessons we learned?

but as this clock ticks on, Even tho time seems like its stopped.

I realized ill never be at your top.

But the hurt inside seems to much,

The only relief is your emotionless touch,

You look in to my eyes, Ive seen in to your soul,

I cant hold myself together, and you as well you know?

I told you I'd always be there but you let me go,

I guess you'll never realize, i truly loved you so.



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