No Regrets.

by Not Bulletproof   Dec 7, 2010

Her lips were the color of cherries
and I'd touch them with my finger.
Softer than a rotting peach,
and I couldn't help but linger.
She touched me gently
and I shivered from her heat.
Her hands were like flowers
that you'd stand in with bare feet.
She'd whisper words of angels;
things you never want to forget,
things that make you happy,
and things that you won't regret.
She knew how to make me smile,
just by looking at me that way.
Her smile was brighter than the sun
that graced the sky each day.
I wanted to stay with her forever;
just clutching her so tight,
but in the end they all must leave,
so I must sleep alone at night.

Sarah Gammon ©

Trying to get back into writing.
Thanks for reading.


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