She wont tell you though

by Willow   Dec 14, 2010

She looks at you with tears in her eyes

The secret lingering on her lips

She can't speak the words

So she locks it back in her heart

As she holds onto you

She apologies in your ear

You say its all okay and everything is fine

You don't know what she is really saying sorry for

She starts to sob on your shoulder

Because this secret is eating her soul

Her fingers grasp your shirt

She doesn't want to say goodbye

Your eyes have gone glassy

With tears you wont shed

If you knew the truth for her apologies

You would never stop crying

She starts to let go

The stops to look in you eyes to say

"I love you more than air itself"

As a single tear slips down her cheek

A soft kiss placed upon your skin

Signals her final goodbye

She will take the secret with her

Hoping you never get to know


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