Timmy Saves Christmas

by Sherry Lynn   Dec 25, 2010

Timmy Saves Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and little Timmy could not sleep
Forehead pressed against the window pane, his eyes so blue and bright
Observing a cotton candy landscape, and star spangled sky
Filled with just one question" Will Santa bring me presents tonight?"

Or will these hands remain empty; and the smile remain un-curved
Roving around the warm chimney; staring at his Christmas tree
Dreams shining even brighter, with each blink of his sleepy eyes
Filled with just one question " Will Santa even remember me?"

Images of dreams and silent hopes for this night flashed about
With milk and cookies near the roaring fire he nestled down
Questioning still whether or not Santa would visit his house
"God, please, do not let Santa forget we moved to a new town"

Timmy settled his stirring thoughts with a taste of Santa's treats
Praying Saint Nick would slide down the chimney with a "ho ho ho"
Jiggling his lil tummy over to the plate to finish the rest
Before spreading Christmas magic and returning to the snow

Church bells rang, as the wind howled, then he heard a different sound
Big hoofs were stamping, and then Santa popped out of the fire place!
Hey there Timmy, could you help me bring the presents 'round tonight?
Let's hurry, put on your coat and bring a roadmap just in case!

Timmy could not believe his luck, for Santa had really come!
Up the chimney they dashed, to the roof top blanket with thick snow
Before Timmies eyes stood nine reindeer and a sleigh full of gifts,
Hopping in he screamed "on dasher, on dancer! Away we go!"

To sprinkle joy for wistful hearts; seeking the deserted parts
against the moonlit snow; hoping to finish the work undone
Christmas spirit hanging around in each happy little house;
but our friendTimmy this year made dreams come true; for everyone

Timmy thanked God for his luck, soaring through the clear christmas eve,
Over roof tops and cities painted like the stars in the sky
"Boy! The new kids at school sure would be jealous of me tonight!"
Not only did Santa not forget him but he got to fly!

At last all gifts were delivered and the sled hurried back home
The elves all gathered around him and gave him hot chocolate milk
Soon his eyelids started drooping and he nodded off to sleep
Then Santa wrapped little Timmy in a blanket soft as silk

On Christmas morning they found him amidst a pile of presents
With a little Maltese puppy, fast asleep against his cheek
A thin layer of strange golden powder, covering them both*
When he woke and saw his puppy, he cried of joy for a week!

* A special powder Santa used to make Timmy and his puppy forget what they saw.

We wish all the members of Poems and Quotes a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, signed:

Sherry Lynn, Brillant aka Sunshine( Nana), Jessie and Faith (Ingrid)


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  • 6 years ago

    by Rania Moallem

    Oh dear I still remember this one, I have no idea why I don't have it on my profile, it was very very sweet to read again, really...

    thank you, and Ingrid! I love this..so much, it's time to read it again anyway ;)