Darkness and Light.

by Not Bulletproof   Jan 3, 2011

Sometimes I am the greatest
and sometimes I am the weakest.
I fall down and I walk on air;
I am cruel, yet I am fair,

The sun sets down on me,
but eventually I will see.
I am Darkness and Light,
and the two like to fight.

I brood inside my sorrow,
yet look forward to tomorrow.
Life is really just a game,
and each day is not the same.

Yesterday the Light had won,
and today I have come undone.
Yet this course will change;
my moods are out of range.

Split in two, but yet I am whole;
two parts together within one soul.
I am divided, but I'm still sane,
I can't choose, happiness, or pain?

Tonight Darkness will eat,
but I will awake to Light's feet.
Sometimes I fall down quickly;
sometimes it takes a lot to beat me.

This battle doesn't end,
it goes on and on, my friend.
Remember, I am Dark and Light,
and you don't know what you'll get tonight.

Sarah Gammon ©

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