by Extinct Angel   Jan 6, 2011

Many nights spent crying myself to sleep
no one loves me anymore
why did this happen to me or am I
the cause of all my sorrow

Why do you say you love me
then go behind my back and stab me
were you ever there for me
or do just like to see me cry

Every tear fell for a reason
I have given up believing in myself
my mind is overtaken by sense of self
our love is now on the shelf

I just wish it could go
back to the way it was
when we held each other
tight and fought for our love

Now all we do is fight
one another why do we even bother
I thought is was true love
but now I don't know

As the years go by
we fall farther apart
All I know is that
There will be sorrow when you
Break My Heart!!!


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