by Extinct Angel   Feb 9, 2013

You keep asking if I'm ok
But if you could even relate
You'd know know that I'm hurt
Bleeding inside and out
Crying tears you know nothing about
Why do you even care anymore
Come on Andrea just tell me the truth
It's ok not to love some one
Or to have them hurt you
If we loved one another so bad
Wouldn't we have been together
I wish that I could say I'm fine
But the truth is I'm dying
Every day I'm getting older
Emotions are getting colder
The razor on my wrist bolder
The weight on me like a boulder
The pain that escapes
Is replaced and I relapse again
Maybe this is the end
But I guess crying out
Was my only sin


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  • 8 years ago

    by Alanis

    I know how you feel, its a lovely poem, expressing yourself in these kind of situations r difficult, but you did it well, if u ever need a chat pm me,