Boris and Tinker-bell

by Not Bulletproof   Jan 9, 2011

Boris was a fairy eating dragon.
One night at the bar, after a flagon,
he decided to munch on his favorite treat.
So he hopped into his car, hit the street,
found a fairy bar, so he could begin his quest,
peeked in the window and picked the best.
"That's the one", he said with a grin,
he slithered inside, ready to begin,
poor Tinker-bell didn't stand a chance.
Before she was eaten, her last words were "let's dance!".
She was snapped up in a single crunch,
and Boris thought it was the bestest lunch.

Sarah Gammon ©
Ally McGrath ©

Myself and a girl at work, Ally, were very bored, so we wrote this together. We weren't trying to have any flow, just some fun. Thanks for reading.


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