My Carpet

by Kylie Jo   Feb 2, 2011

The blood is flowing,
out of my vanes,
onto my floor,
exposing my pain,
the warm blood calms,
my darkest thoughts,
onto this paper,
my last thought,
i think of the pain,
that i have caused,
and that i have felt,
as a child,
i was broken,
and in my early teenage years,
my pride and joy was taken from me,
and in my first year of adulthood,
i have already hurt many close to me,
and quite frankly,
i don't want to be around me,
so as the blood drips onto my carpet,
i think of all the ways i have lost it,
lost myself,
lost you,
lost the one i was closest to.
love always,
Pookie Sue


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