Two lives, one end

by sezz   Feb 5, 2011

She walks to school with the lunch she packed
Nobody knows what she's holding back
Wearing the same clothes as the day before
She pastes on a smile even though she's sore

He laughs along with his mates cruel jokes
Wrapping it around him like an ancient cloak
Grabbing his girl, he leans in for a kiss
The flicker of shame, he knows they all missed

Her teacher suspects but never does ask
She hides all her pain behind the mask
Her legs so tortured she can barely stand
Thanks to the marks of her daddy's brand

He rushes to practice and goes in tough
Promising it'll fade if he gives enough
Grinning at the boys in the shower stalls
He makes up lies about all his falls

She rushes home to have tea all set
Knowing that the worst hasn't come yet
She cries in her room when he's finished his 'job'
"I wish I were dead" she screams with a sob

He cruises the streets before going home
Knowing when he gets there he won't be alone
He walks through the door and is greeted by mum
Her beat up face makes him reach for the gun

The very next day they hear on the news
A young girl found hanging by the laces of her shoes
Her tiny body mutilated beyond belief
None can grasp the poor girls grief

They hear a boy had shot his dad dead
Then turned the gun towards his own head
None knew the boy endured bashings
And secretly loved the girl they were trashing

Two people so different and yet still the same
Struggled in silence, whose to blame?
We're so caught up in beauty, its a sin
We never take the time to look within

If someone had taken the time to talk
Sit down with them, take a walk
Then maybe they'd still be around
And not 6 feet underground


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  • 6 years ago

    by Marvellous

    That would have absolutely been same case with me, if not for the freedom of expression on this harmless paper, called poetry.. Well, mistakes are made for correction.. Thanks for sharing this.