by Beautiful Chaos   Apr 19, 2011

Healing has begun, I awoke underground,
My pain echoing off dirt walls,
Realized there was nothing, belonging to you, left,
And began to dig myself out.

No longer feeling naked or ashamed,
I've joined the world of the living,
Embracing every joy and pain,
Once again unfraid of the future.

I suffer, with this smile on my face,
You will never see me hurt again,
All pain that remains, is my doing,
I'll never let you revel in it.

Even if heaven falls at my feet,
And I must surrender to the depths of hell,
You won't find an ounce of fear or doubt,
I will welcome my soul to burn.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Chelsey

    I absolutely love your opening stanza!! That really drew me in, props to you on your creativity with that.

    The middle kept me so interested and then I reached the end...WOW!! That was so deep, almost scary in a way reading a person talk about they are ok with going to hell. BUT! I love how it really changed the tone of the poem. Personally, I love poems that do that!

    I loved this over all I wouldnt rate it anything less that a 5!

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