by deenmary shaznay   May 9, 2011

Why do I keep on looking for a love that I can't have?
Why does it seem that I do not fit on you?
this feelings is so different for some reasons why
I want you by my side...

Why is this love so hard for me to mention?
Why am I keeping the feeling inside, there's so much passion?
I want to tell you how I really feel
But if I would, you will leave me my deepest fear

Why am I afraid of losing you, though you are not mine?
Why in you I found something missing, you complete my life?
It might sound so fast, maybe too much so soon
But hear me, give me a chance to be with you

All these are questions, but only two things come to mind
How can I be a part of your world?
How can I make you mine


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