What is this feeling..

by XXMindCrazeXX   May 21, 2011

Let me explain something to you, that makes absolutely no sense,
you are far from everything, but close to nothing..

This is everything Iv longed for, yet I still want more...
So listen, as all my dark secrets are being exposed to Brod daylight...

Just when everything started to feel right, nothing feels wrong..
your heart keeps burning a deep empty hole that spills out your insides,

You secretly see yourself as invisible, when really.. your just screaming to be known..

And while you and the rest of the world are in denial, I think to myself.. what is this feeling?


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  • 7 years ago

    by XXMindCrazeXX

    :) thankyou
    its called an oxymoron, I love writing them alot

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