The Floor

by BloodyBrokenAngel   Jun 7, 2011

The tears streamed from her eyes
As she fell down to the floor
She couldn't handle it
She couldn't do this anymore
Everything was messed up
Everything was wrong
She didn't even know
Why she'd held on so long
Her life was shit
Her heart was broken
She no longer felt the need
To pretend to be open
The blade was in her hand
The pills were on the shelf
Which one would she choose
To take her from this hell?
She grabbed the bottle
And slid the blade into her hand
She headed to the bathroom
The pain was more than she could stand
She turned on the shower
And fell to the floor
She didn't know
What she had been put on this earth for
She grabbed a glass of water
Swallowed down the pills
Then she gripped the blade
And got ready for the thrills
She slid it up her wrist
Pressing harder as it went up
Tears poured down her face
She only wanted to be loved
As she dropped the blade
She fell down to her side
The entire room spinning
Trying to keep her eyes open wide
As the room became darker
She realized then
This isn't what she wanted
And the room continued to spin
She tried to yell out
But the water drowned out her voice
She now realized
This wasn�t the right choice
What about her family
What about her friends
What about the boy she loves
What would happen to them
Then she closed her eyes
Hating herself even more
She had only thought of herself
And she died there on the floor


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