A year gone too soon

by LittleMissReality   Jun 10, 2011

A Year ago God took you away
No one knew what to say
We all gathered with tears
Wishing you were still here

It was way too soon for you to leave
And hard for any of us to believe
You were up and gone
Everyone knew we were missing one

God works in mysterious ways
So we all knew you were okay
Our family knew we were missing one
As soon as you were gone

Together we laugh and joke
But all our hearts are still broke
Our family is missing a part
And you took a piece of our heart

We all go on with our ways
But none of us will forget that day
Every day we miss you
And we cannot wait till the day we see you

You will forever be a cousin brother, son, uncle, nephew, and grandson
And we see you through the sun
We will always love you forever
And that day won’t be forgotten ever

We love you Joe that is no lie
We all share a silent cry
A year went by too fast
But your memories will forever last.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Jazmin

    I love this piece, it reminded me of my nephew who passed away over a year ago.
    This is a very good piece.
    good job!!!