Till the end

by Sara   Jul 8, 2011

She went for a little run
On a beautiful evening day
Everyone who passed her
She smiled to them and said hey

With a scarf around her neck
And her dark hair loose
She ran through the wind
On the road where she couldn't lose

Running was something
She always has done
Here she was confident
Her worries were gone

So peaceful she ran
With a smile on her face
Everyone who looked at her
Would become a little dazed

Then she stopped
She turned to the familiar road
Never knowing what
This day would soon behold

A tiny step she took
Not looking around
When a truck
Suddenly made a horrible sound

At my home I sat
Wondering why she won't return my call
A terrifying feeling
I felt deep in my soul

Then I heard sirens screaming
It took me by surprise
Suddenly I couldn't feel my knees
Couldn't hear anything except my own cries

At that moment I knew
Something terrible was up
My soul was tearing apart
I screamed please stop!!!

I was supposed to be with my friend
The very next day
Why did everyone looked at me
Nothing in return to say

I felt so alone
Even though everyone was near
This wasn't something to expect
This was my best friend, my dear

She was only 23 years old
when she died
At that moment I wished
That I never left her side

A major part she was
Always and she knows
No one will ever take her place
And open my hearts doors

My friend you have left me now
With a wound so deep
I feel the pain always
Even though when I'm asleep

But now I have to accept
That you will not return ever
And I have to move on
Without seeing you never

Tomorrow is your birthday
And I'll make a chocolate cake with cream
I'll celebrate the life you had
Before you just became my dream

I'll visit your cemetery
Which I do so often now
I'll tell you about my life
And listen to your voice deep in my soul somehow

I no longer fear death
Now that you're not here
Cause I know we'll be together
In the place where you are now my dear

Once again we'll laugh together
And I will be whole
Feeling of joy will rush
Through my entire soul

But for now I'll miss you
And I'll just say
My friend I love you
And I'll see you on my very last day...


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  • 6 years ago

    by Sara

    Thank u very much:)

  • 6 years ago

    by ezllee swine

    Im very sorry. anyway great poem. :)