by prettyleah   Jul 26, 2011

Since the day i've felt the feeling of loving you
i told myself, finally! i found you!
my soulmate, yes my soulmate!
within our laughters and fights,
within our his and goodbyes.
you could see in my eyes
that your the one of the reason of my smiles.
someone told me that soulmates doesnt end up as lovers.
they end up as "the best best of friends"
but that time i'm not thinking to be your BFF
i want you to be your BF
how ironic life is?
until now, no one could tell what we had,
even me, myself and i.
i just felt the feeling of love.
and the feeling of being loved.
after a while we had our own life,
but still, the old you and me reamained,
as if nothing has changed.
but the truth is ,something really change.
you and me have our different love stories,
now, i dont want you to be my BF
but i believe that we are BFF.
and you are still my soulmate.


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