True Best Friends

by lostwithin   Jul 30, 2011

There are so many times that the word 'true' comes into play.
I don't always mean this is a relationship status, friends also have a say.
The ones that love you the most, which you also love back, hardly ever have issues and that is a fact.
The ones that are not true cause drama over the dumbest things, such as unnecessary cleaning.

True friends are the ones that easily put problems behind.
They are also the ones that will help you realize that love isn't always blind.
They will tell you the truth, which will eventually work out for you,
Just as much as they will say, 'that was a bad decision dude'.

All together best friends are honest and can tell you what is right.
They will be the ones that can talk to you without leading to a fight.
They are the ones that will listen even when they know they are wrong.
They will also listen to you when your horrible voice ruins their favorite song.

Best friends are the people that will be there no matter what.
The situation doesn't matter,
It is just a simple fact.
They are the people that will be by your side 24/7,
From the day that you met, until the day you meet in Heaven.


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