by GorqeousDisaster   Sep 22, 2011

Ten little fingers.
Ten little toes.
Bright little eyes.
Cute button nose.

Ill never get to hold you.
I guess you'll never be mine.
I guess ill deal with this pain...
It will soften in time.

Ill remember your birthday...
It'll be a sad time of the year.
I only carried you for two months.
But that short time ill hold dear.

See mommy didn't know..
Daddy didn't either..
I really wished i could go back.
maybe you'd be here.

I hope we are forgiven.
Mommy's so sorry...
And daddy is too.
I hope you know, we will always love you.

There inst much i can do now..
Or even much i can truly say.

But mommy will love you for ever.
and never forgive herself one day.

I didn't know what happened.
But it happened oh so quick.
There was a small bump..
and the bed of the truck was slick.

I didn't mean to hurt you...
god this hurts real bad...

I'm sorry babyboy for the life you'll never have.

This was written awhile back...
some odd years ago.
This brings back some very...
well, sad memory's.
About a time in my life, where i thought i was
for sure going to kill myself....
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what ya think


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