Kill me.

by GorqeousDisaster   Sep 30, 2011

I seen a girl.
Her story unknown.
The girl who walks,
not by choice, but alone.

Her insides screaming,
Begging for help.
She's given up.
She cant do it herself.
No one, The feelings are no longer
their. The urgent need,
to be somewhere.
She wants to be noticed,
Be seen be loved.
She cant return it,
she hasn't any trust.
Shes broken, and
beaten, and hurled threw
Wishing someone
could tell.

Shes losing,
A battle, Her enemy
She shares all her secrets,
with stained up knifes.
Wanting one moment just to
breath, Wanting self worth,
to feel some need.
or want, just to be wanted.
A voice in her head,
assumes shes forgotten.
Better judgement
no longer exists.
in to depression,
she falls into its pits.
A never ending fall,
Just laying their bruised and
starved for attention.
Wanting someone
to remind her shes human,
with out hesitation.
She wants to know what its like to actually
to be happy, for just a smile while,
She bears a face, one of a kind,
but You'd think she was
crazy. if you knew what was on mind.
A horrible fate, about to take place,
Leaving her with nothing but six feet of
space, nothing to hold her,
or help her back.
With kill me written on her face,
begging for slack,
Tears no longer make any sense.
To just get a breath,
She feels so ignorant.
But i seen this girl,
Her face so familiar
I guess that's what you get,
when you look in a mirror.


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