by GorqeousDisaster   Oct 3, 2011

Suspended above reality.
I cant grasp whats going on.
I feel so trapped and
I cant tell if this is wrong.

No remorse nor guilty feeling.
I cant describe what isn't their.
Try suffocating, when theirs plenty
of air.

Your hands outreached above you.
Your soul begging to be retrieved.
From the place you left it.
I no-longer realize the need.

I'm contemplating reasons..
that can help me leave.
I want to be alright..
Goddammit I need to Breath
I wish i had some kind of strength
I Don't want to live this life.

I'm tired of putting on a mask.
when the truth is, my smile died.
I'm sick of choking on the tears,
I should have never cried.

I've been thrown in to the dirt.
Each day a foot deeper into the ground.
Into the pools of insanity...
I know I'm about to drown.

The monsters inside of me.
Grow more hungry each day.
Starving for relief...
In any form of the way.

Weather it be substance,
Or a scar pretty and deep.
Weather it be dreaming,
Or an eternity of sleep.

I cant justify, or even
Begin to explain. The
type of person I'm afraid I'm
becoming, I think she needs

I'm tired of trying, when
theirs nothing to be gained.
I know i sound so selfish..
But I've grown tired,
and hurt.
I think its much easier,
Not to be, than to feel all the hurt....
Goodbyes aren't easy
Neither is asking for help.

But this time I've decided,
I'm doing this myself.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Tori

    I guess I love how you write because I can relate so much to each piece you do.
    I feel like sometimes we are going through a lot of the same I'm right there with you. I can't tell you things will be okay, b/c even for myself im not sure. It seems like sometimes writting really helps release some of the things I hold inside.
    Keep up the good work.

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