Goodbye to Pretend.

by GorqeousDisaster   Oct 10, 2011

I speak.
It seems in foreign tongue.
No one has heard me.
The silence won.

It seems the Quite,
Lets it all out,
The Softest Scream,
Comes spilling out.

The darkest light,
Inside my head.
I Picture myself,
Already dead.

You tell me to breath,
I Inhale And gasp.
Falling deeper,
Into this grasp.

I wish you knew,
Our I wish i could tell.
I know you know me,
You know me well.

I hate goodbye's,
But this, its the only way.

I had to pay the price,
It was coming one day.

Of all the pain, I locked
up inside, I Could no longer fight it,
It wouldn't hide.

And the Mess of my life,
I'm finally Cleaning up.
I couldn't deal,
Enough was enough.

I'm sorry dear love,
I'm sorry I couldn't wait.
The darkness was coming,
And not a second to late.

It swallowed me whole,
Chewed me alive.
I've made it pretty far,
I'm surprised I've so far survived.
I guess i could run,
But i never could hide.

Im tired of numb.
I'm sick of the hate.
I'm tired of running,
From something
I've made.

The mirrors are the enemy,
The word is the cure,
I've grown far to hopeless,
To be stable, and secure.

I've given up hope's.
I watched them snatch my dreams.
Rip me up, Tear away my seems.
Embedded Fear into the depths of my

Losing power, As Depressing
Takes its toll.
I never understood, How some
Could just simply smile,
Not being fake,
Not for a short while.

How others rebuilt,
As i burned to the ground.
How others could laugh,
But me? Not a sound.
I'm trapped behind
A wall, Made of
Emotionless Steele.
Begging for mercy,
Just to feel.

I'm all out of words,
They never meant much.
I'm losing ground,
Way out of touch.
There isn't any hope,
I'm afraid its to late.
My body is broken..
Their's not much more
It can take.

I'm sick of being broken,
And tired of being sick.
I need a new solution.
And I found one pretty quick.

And as i finally let go,
And Started to fall asleep.
I guess the reality of all,
Made me start to weep.

Of all the people,
I thought i could trust.
What i thought was love,
Was merely lust.
I found i was right,
It was always just me,
To scared to Be enslaved,
Begging to be free.

Of all i knew, was all in my head.
All of your words,
You never have said.

I made up this dream,
In which now it shall end.
Goodbye to Mask's.
Goodbye to pretend.


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