Too Little, Too Late

by buffduff   Oct 10, 2011

How did it come to this?
I messed up the greatest thing I ever had.
Naively thought you would take all my shit,
Because loves makes you blind, right?
I didn't realise how bad things were,
Or that our future might not be that long.

Your sweet words and caring looks,
Gave me a false sense of hope.
Thought I was your lover,
From now until forever,
How young and dumb I was,
To think anything lasts that long.

You finally admitted to being annoyed,
Called me immature,
Told me how I was controlling,
That I needed my own way.
Whilst I had always known this,
The truth felt so brutal from your lips.

Suddenly everything was my fault,
I had caused this mess,
Yet I had no way to clear it up.
Why didn't I see this coming?
We ended up down a path,
That wasn't even on my map.

Always assumed you loved my innocence,
And how you was my first,
But now I'm left wondering.
Cus it seems like you're growing tired,
Having enough of all my issues,
Maybe I'm too damaged for you to handle.

I hate so much about myself,
In my head there's no way you could love me,
I mean who would want this?
I can't believe anyone would truly chose me,
Which is probably what's caused my paranoia.
I wish the little things didn't get to me.

I've been moody and distant,
Over-reacting to the stupidest thing,
Blamed you and made you feel crap,
All due to my own insecurities.
This is my first relationship,
I really don't want it to be my first break-up too.

So where the hell does that leave us?
I love you with all of my heart,
More then I even knew was possible.
The thought of you leaving almost kills me,
I'd do anything to keep you by my side,
I just hope it isn't too little, too late.


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