Caged up.

by GorqeousDisaster   Oct 12, 2011

Fragile wings.
That cannot fly.
Caged up,
Until thee dies.

Bound, and taunted
by what could be mine.

Freedom, comes
in due time.

And begging
For air.

Taken back,
By something not to fair.

An urge to spread
my broken wings.
An urge to
let go.
To sing.

An urge,
To dream of something
ill never know

A want, a need
to understand.

Caged up, locked up,
just for show.
To be real,
ill never know.

I see, i hear,
I want to taste.
To be me,
Feels like such a waste.

Until death,
Ill never fly,
Never feel the stars in
my eyes.

So i sit, i wait.
Day by day.
Awaiting to be freed
from this cage.


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