Natural Mystic

by Ashleigh Skye   Oct 22, 2011

*Challenge- take a walk until you find a tree you identify with, then write a poem using that tree as a metaphor for yourself or your life*

Growing out of ashes,
sprouting high above the ground,
gleaning like an emerald,
fruit nowhere to be found.

This tree has many perks,
and just a tiny few flaws,
a hundred million flowers,
and scars by sharpened claws.

The bark's as hard as steel,
that protects the tender core,
a tree that bends and does not break,
as the wind around it roars.

With a sparkling halo of jade,
that very few can envision,
the mighty tree grows strong and tall,
with perfect finesse and precision.

And while its roots are buried deep,
in layers of soot, ash, and embers,
its flowers never smelt so sweet,
and the soul of the tree still remembers.



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