A song i dare not play

by Harrison   Jan 12, 2012

A tune plays out a mellowed rhyme
Sounding silence and slowing time
Harmony cries out aloud
Capturing the presence of the crowd
No body dares to speak a sigh
To miss a beat seen by thee eye
No emotions show on this strangers face
No love no passion not one tiny trace
Captured in the airy beat
Muffles the sound of soldiers feet
Not once does he look upto see
The 20 soldiers surrounding thee
Never did he know not to play this rhyme
That was sought to be a serious crime
A man in silk stepped onto the stage
The wrinkles and sweat showing his rage
The stranger played on without a sideways glance
Still possessing the crowd in there solid stance
The wealthy man then let out a deep sigh
Raised his head and then replied
"This tune is seen as a federal assault"
Not once did the tune show a fault
The stranger the stopped ending the rhyme
Showing his age and his prime
The crowd the looked around in disbelief
Noticing the soldiers and there grief
The herald then said in a hollowed voice
" Be hung or beheaded is your choice"
Not a soul dared move or utter a sound
For the growing tension all around
Be hung he cried out in a booming tone
"So i may sing as i die never to be left alone".


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