Best friend no more

by ajustin latigay   Jan 13, 2012

I went to call you
Then I realized where not talking.

I went to tell you something
Then I realized, you wouldn't care.

I went to buy you a present,
Then I wondered, how would I give it to you?

I wanted to laugh at your joke,
But then I realized, I'm suppost to hate you.

I went to cry on your shoulder,
But then I realized, you weren't there.

I went to walk past you,
And i ignored you and the awkward stare.

Every day it kills me, every thing i see reminds me of you.
Everything that happens, I want to tell you,
Everything thats funny, I want to laugh with you,
Everything that's sad, I want to cry with you ,
Everytime Im bored , I want to call you,
Every single day, I want to see you.
And I want everything we had, to come back.

Who would know that with one small fight,
I'd lose my best friend.
I wish I knew what I could do,
To make this torture end.


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