by Pretty Punk Princess   Feb 5, 2012

Suicide is the relentless irritation of self disgust,
Its the felling of hoplessness and abandonment.
On average its brought upon,
by the loss of a loved one or lack of attention.
Some cases it is a mental disorder.
Some peoples beliefs are,
that its stupid and iggnorant.
But they really don't knowun till they have experianced,
the embrace of the darkness and the lonliness.
Sometimes its surreal,
to the point of self imposed duality.
Some people believe in their hearts after empty promises and broken dreams,
that life is a waste of time and there is no purpose for them.
This causes the hoplessness and despair.
which given the right situation and circumstances,
they may choose to take their own life.
In a vain attempt to make things better.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Pretty Punk Princess

    Thanks it was originally written for my psychology class paper it had to be on something no one would expect to hear

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