Hanging truth

by cHeAtInG dEaTh Nd sTrIpPeD dOmNiQuE   Feb 16, 2012

Stab me I told them the holes punch my heart again and again
I vomit it out and call it bloody still no peace still no relief
Try and try to forget but its locked in a treasure chest
The figures move in the shadow and he sees through
Every inch of them makes him twitch like thousand arrow stuck inside
The touch makes him swallow million worms crawling in him
The eyes are taken pierces with nails
The ears are blocked with wooden block
I don't want to see it I don't want to feel it
Makes me rub my body all around
The nails scratch away and peel my skin
Want to scrap my face off me
The blood drips travels all across to the feet
Join the pool of my shattered heart
Poke me stab me! I shout out!
Knifes blades spears strike me
Its holes all over me I feel hollow inside
I am nothing now but an empty vessel
You can see through my paper image
Why does is still feel that the storm is coming
Like it's still there a lot to see
Restless and tired I fall to the ground
A massless body a leaf touches the bottom
It's a hole I land in all dark inside
Crying for help I try to crawl outside
The nails come off in the futile attempt
The skin rips off but I am still there
Lying there waiting to rot away I look up
They are still there in each other's arms
They still stab me and I am still not calm
Looking in the mirror of past
It hurts to see what once was is now lost
Burning in my own vindication
The cause is lost and so is the emotion
A crushed rose lay dead at my feet
I blink and drop blood and sweat
There is a feeling of something warm
Its rolls down and join the pool
Maybe it's still there which lingers on
I am alive to sing that song
Though if it were not to be me
I would be hanged by a tree
With eyes popped and tongue stuck out
Hands tied and choked neck
A lifeless body swings in slow motion
A sight to what once was is now gone
I reach out and pick up one eye
It has the glint a hope and desire
Searching for someone to feel once again
It's trapped in my jar cold without pain
I look at it every day to see once again
What tomorrow holds it might light up
To find what's hollow reaching inside
To get a meaning to this nameless world


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