Would you ever know how I feel?

by A piece of my broken heart is embedded in you forever   Feb 22, 2012

Cold and dead, is this how I'm supposed to feel?
This girl that I love dosen't even care whether I live or whther I die.
JUst filled with anguish and pain,
Is this what you call life?
Just misery, lies and deciet,
Even my eyes have been disloyal to me,
I so badly wanna cry and yet these eyes won't even tear,
Jst to make my heart a little lighter, just to lift this burden and guilt,
Praying for death, to stop hurting, just to stop feeling anything.
So why must I live this life and this lie?
Nobody knows how I feel, not even those who are supposed to be close to me.
Is it a sin to love and to care?
TO love this person unconditionally?
So tell me now what this life's worth? when you are not living?
Just breathing and hurting..
Why must I not die? Why is it a sin?
To be hanging in darkness without any strings.
To be blind in a room which is filled with light.
You say I have everything, and you are so blissfully unaware,
Unaware about how I feel. What it is like to be like me.
To be in my situation... just what it's like to be me.
I'm bleeding and my heart is screaming loud in pain and yet you do even hear the screams?
Just for a moment take the time to get to know my life and see what it really is.
Although I'm very very grateful for all that I have.
But you must understand materialistic things mean nothing to me,
It is love and care that I seek. A person who can love unconditionally,
A person who cares, who has a heart which feels for me,
money cannot comfort you in time of needs, For us we are but emotional beings.
Can't you se the human in me?
Can't you see that I also have a heart with feelings?
would it even matter to you if I was gone forever?
Wiped off from the face of this Earth, would you even spare a thought or one precious tear?
Would you ever know how I feel?


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