This is the story of a girl...

by Pretty Punk Princess   Mar 6, 2012

There once was a girl she's so hurt and broken and she finds a guy that she trust he likes her and she likes him she has spent so many years building up her walls and she doesnt wanna let them down but she know that if she doesnt she'll loose him forever and she never wants that to happen she thinks she might bc "IN LOVE" with this guy and she doesn'ty know what to do

If you read this tell me what you think she should do let her walls down or build her walls farther up?


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  • 6 years ago

    by Pretty Punk Princess


  • 6 years ago

    by Owner of an Untamed Heart

    First thing's first, maybe you should consider fixing the spelling errors. second, i think she should let her walls down. you can't find the one for you unless you go through a gazillion heartbreaks, that's why love is so complicating. but letting her walls down will definitely make her see that taking that leap of faith is what's best for life.

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